Ladies' Night for Tattoo of the Day: Portraits of Women

Ladies' Night for Tattoo of the Day: Portraits of Women

All the ladies gather 'round for this collection of the sweetest ink: portraits of women.

It's just like Kool & The Gang sang, "Oh, yes, it's Ladies' Night, and the feeling's right." Some may be Hindu deities or space cowgirls while others are sweet fantasies straight from the tattoo artists imagination...regardless we think you'll agree that these stunners could certainly stop traffic with one glance. These portraits of women break hearts right and left, and they definitely took ours as well. 

Women have sparked so many stories, legends, and mystical feelings since the dawn of time, and some of these pieces speak to that awe-inspiring feeling. Take for instance Matt Tischler's back-piece depicting a witchy looking lady with pearls around her neck and a ship balanced on her head. For centuries European folklore has been entrenched with tales of sea witches, mermaids who eat the flesh of men, and Cecaelia's: octopus people just like Ursula of The Little Mermaid. Portraits of women, whether they be myth, magic, or real, is what our selection for the best tattoos of the day is all about. While David Peyote's lady portrait is super surreal and dark, Danielle Rose's lady head takes a more traditional tattoo turn.

Every day for Tattoo of the Day we try to gather together a collection of different styles of tattoos under one umbrella: the best of the best and we believe todays' set of portraits of women is no different. Whether you love traditional tattoos, hyperrealistic tattoos, minimal tattoos and more, we think there is something for everyone in our best tattoo lists. Thomas Carli Jarlier pulls out all the stops with his super hawt hyperrealism lady portrait, a total babe for the ages who will never age, while Miss Juliet's portrait is of a chrome covered astronaut with a laser gun, perhaps an homage to Cowboy Bebop.

So, yes, ladies night over here! Sup gurl?! How you do? We're all about portraits of women today! There's nothing like waking up next to a gorgeous woman, especially when she's tattooed on your arm.

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