Lady Gaga Documents Getting Her 20th Tattoo on Snapchat

Lady Gaga Documents Getting Her 20th Tattoo on Snapchat

Mother Monster headed to the tattoo shop to get some new ink.

Lady Gaga is one of the most visually tattooed female pop singers in the current landscape of music. She's got an extensive collection of body art that have various different meanings and are dedicated to several people who are important to her.

Mother Monster recently took a trip to the tattoo parlor to get some ink dedicated to people who were integral to her success as not only a pop sensation, but a fashion icon.

Lady Gaga getting tattooed. #LadyGaga #Music #Celebrities #Haus

Right above her mouse tattoo, which is dedicated to her sister, Gaga got the word "Haus" in cursive. If you are familiar with Gaga at all, you've probably seen this word several times, as it appears in several music videos of hers and it's a word closely related to her brand.


Lady Gaga's group of closest friends received the moniker, The Haus of Gaga. This group consists of fashion designers that helped create her meat dress, her iPod sunglasses, and her iconic "disco stick." They were essential for Gaga to create her eccentric style that made her stand out from a very crowded pop scene.

Lady Gaga getting her "Haus" tattoo. #LadyGaga #Music #Celebrities #Haus

Gaga recorded the whole experience and posted it via her Snapchat. This would make Gaga's tattoo count up to 20 (that we know of), making her one of the more tattooed singers in modern music.

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Lady Gaga's completed "Haus" tattoo. #LadyGaga #Music #Celebrities #Haus

What do you think Gaga's next tattoo will be? Do you think Mother Monster will continue her extensive tattoo collection? Or will this be the last one for the singer?

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