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Language of the Night: Interview with Tattoo Artist Ori Vishnia

Language of the Night: Interview with Tattoo Artist Ori Vishnia

Tattoo Artists4 min Read

In this interview with tattoo artist Ori Vishnia we talk about the inspirations, emotions, process and more of creating expressive tattoos.

There are too few words sometimes to describe our feelings...they are fleeting, moving, organic things; we can't always tack them down with vocabulary. This is part of why art exists: to express the inexpressible. 

Can you talk a bit about your artistic background? Did you always want to be a tattooer and how did you get into tattooing?

I love anything that builds an entire universe, has new languages.

Your style is gorgeous...truly magical. Who are your artistic heroes (tattooers or not), and are there any books, films, or places that really feed your creativity?

Your tattoos seem to me to be very symbolic, powerful, and transformative. Can you talk about your process with your clients, and how each piece is conceived?

The process of tattooing is just as much a part of the tattoo as the end result, I want the entire experience to feel right.

Many tattooists, I think, have a specific idea, mission, or philosophy behind their work. What would you say yours is? 

There seems to be a concept of dreams, renewal, and nature within your work...can you perhaps describe some of the designs and their meanings within your pieces?

Beyond art and tattoos, what are you really passionate about? What can you not live without? What would you be doing if you weren’t tattooing?

Do you have any travel plans, projects, collabs, merch, etc. coming up that you’d like to share? Any hopes for this year or the next?

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

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