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Large-Scale Dot Work by Eric Stricker

Large-Scale Dot Work by Eric Stricker

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Sacred geometry with an illustrative twist.

Eric Stricker is quite the versatile blackwork tattooist. He works in both geometric and illustrative takes on the style, and much of his work dabbles in both simultaneously, creating spectacular imagery paired with breathtaking mandalas. The iconography that he makes meshes with his sacred geometry in a profound as well as mesmerizing way. Have a look at this sample of his astounding geometric figures and blackwork illustrations of dark and occasionally eccentric imagery.

Stricker's approach to blackwork stands out because of his use of pronounced dot work, intense level of detail, and the various gradients of dark ink that he employs to create depth and other effects in each piece. His geometric tattoos, including those with illustrative figures, look best when rendered in large scale. The combination of immensity and complexity in these piece is absolutely awe-inspiring. They are quite the spectacle to take in, especially when they feature bali masks, bats, ravens, and skulls. Occasionally, he even creates a rather unique optical illusion in which he shades some of his ornaments darker in entire bands, almost as if a shadow was cast over them as seen below. It's a pretty striking visual.

His mandalas have such a signature style. For instance, some of them have very rounded ends, while others feature spiked tips. Though he specializes in mandalas as far as sacred geometry goes, he also incorporates more contemporary geometric designs into a lot of his work, as seen in the leg-sleeve with parabolas of negative space flowing throughout its sequence of intricate and elaborate ornamentation. The unconventionality of some of his imagery is delightful. Take his illustrations of a chameleon for example. The way he loads this wall-eyed lizard and the branch it's resting on with such diverse patterning is simply mind-blowing.

A sharp looking mandala from Eric Stricker's portfolio (IG—ericstricker). #blackwork #dotwork #EricStricker #geometric #mandalas #sacredgeometry

If you want to see more of Stricker's illustrative and geometric blackwork, connect the dots over to his Instagram. He tattoos in Buenos Aires, Argentina and can be reached at for booking. Also, check out the art video above if you want to see him in action.

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