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Large-Scale Japanese Pieces by Chris Crooks

Large-Scale Japanese Pieces by Chris Crooks

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For fans of giant Japanese masterpieces, Chris Crooks has you covered.

Japanese-style tattoos are some of the most common and most requested types of tattoos in the world. Their classic imagery and bright colors stand out from the crowd of tattoos, and the tradition is still being carried on today.

Chris Crooks is a man obsessed with this style of tattooing. This doesn't mean that he adheres to a strict Japanese style, instead he adds a contemporary spin on these classic designs to make them really stand out. He honors the traditions of traditional Japanese tattooing, while making the designs his own.

The level of detail that Crooks puts into his pieces is staggering. In the tattoo above there is just so much going on — a samurai in full armor, a dragon ready to strike, finger waves crashing all around. In the hands of a less skilled artist trying to pack so much into one sleeve would end up a horrible, disfigured mess. But under Crooks' keen eye and steady hand a marvelous tattoo was created.

Crooks is a tattoo artist based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland and primarily works from the White Dragon Tattoo shop, which he is also the owner of. His contemporary Japanese pieces have made him a hit amongst the tattoo community and beyond. His 86,000 followers on Instagram are a testament to that fact.

Give Chris Crooks a follow on Instagram is you are a fan of these Japanese-style tattoos.

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