Laura Yahna and Her Dark Creatures

Laura Yahna and Her Dark Creatures

These blackwork creatures are straight out of your nightmares.

There's something fascinating when an artist can capture something from your deepest, darkest nightmares. It's like they tap into your soul and find out more about you than you could possibly even imagine. When you finally see their work completed, it gives you a shock, even if you didn't think it would. 

Laura Yahna and her blackwork tattoos are going to spook me for quite a while. After seeing some of her pieces, I actually believe I will be haunted by them. She tattoos amazing blackwork designs of ordinary animals that I would have never thought would give me a fright, but guess what? Now I'm afraid of rabbits and goats.

Her haunting use of black ink really brings out the terror hidden inside of these seemingly harmless animals. See for yourself, and get ready to develop some new and surprising fears.

Yahna is a Berlin native, but has been traveling around the world bringing her expertise in tattooing with her. Her most recent travels have brought her to Mexico, where she has been gracing the good people of the country with her blackwork creatures.

She's also gifting them with new and terrifying images to keep them up at night. It comes free with the tattoo!

These intense black tattoos are done in a unique, freeform style that really speaks to the creatures Yahna is creating. Their flowy nature gives them life, while the black ink shows the danger lurking behind their primal nature.

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