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Learn The Dark Arts With Cezilia Hjelt

Learn The Dark Arts With Cezilia Hjelt

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This black and grey traditional-meets-illustrative artist has got the demonic look down pat.

There is something wholly intriguing about the dark arts. Maybe it’s because we were witches or perhaps Satan’s loyal servants in another lifetime, and burned at the stake for our “crimes,” or maybe it’s because we’ve just been watching entirely too much Salem that’s it’s seeped into our subconscious. Whatever the reason, there is absolutely no denying that every time we see a tattoo or a fine art piece of a Satanic ritual, deviant behavior, or maybe even a foreboding pull from the tarot deck, quizzically spelling out the details of things yet to come we get a bit giddy. Or maybe we’re just freaks, who knows? Regardless of the status of our mortal souls, and whether or not they be damned to hell for all eternity, we strive to live in the now, and Cezilia Hjelt’s work speaks to us now.

Tattooing in a uniquely traditional meets illustrative style, Hjelt’s work is predominantly black and grey. Calling on demons, cursed souls, ominous tarot cards, and token “unlucky” black cats as her muses, Hjelt’s work is hellish. Just looking at her Instagram gives you that achingly sorrowful feeling that in some sense or another we are all destined for hell. Technically speaking, her work is composed of thicker black lines, that are detailed with finer subtleties. While all of her work is phenomenal, our favorite is by far her rendition of The Hermit tarot card. A part of the major arcana, or the suit that deals most heavily with our day to day lives (read important life events), The Hermit card denotes a sense of spirituality, and having to endure said test of spirituality alone. An interesting choice of card for sure, one that holds infinitely greater meaning than surface level.

So if you, too, feel like maybe you’ve been touched by Satan in a past life, maybe Hjelt’s work will speak to you, as well. Death, destruction, and a cursed life — what more could you possible ask for?

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

Staff Writer at Tattoodo. I have a three legged cat that drools.

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