Lend a Hand with These Hand Tattoos

Lend a Hand with These Hand Tattoos

These hand tattoos will inspire you to throw caution to the wind and get your hands nice and filled up.

Even the least decadent person likes some sparkle and a bit of glam on the occasion. Humans like to adorn themselves, whether it’s with shiny baubles and rings, the baseball hat of our favorite sports team, or tons and tons of tattoos. Finger jewels, knuckle tattoos, palm inscriptions, top of the hand imagery — while the hand is a painful place to get some work done (future GUIDE link), a hand tattoo does act, even for the simplest dresser, as a form of fantastic adornment.

Hands, faces, and necks are all in the same category — the job stopper. Those areas of the body are, hands down, the harder parts to cover up with any ease or subtlety. There’s a reason rings, earrings, watches, bracelets, and other, again, sparkly baubles are popular — they draw attention to these very public-facing body parts. So a hand tattoo, still a stigmatized form of adornment despite the tattoo industry boom of the last 15 to 20 years, is bound to get some attention. Regardless of what your grandmother thinks, or what your potential employer at a job interview says, your hand tattoo is art, and we’ve collected a huge gallery of hand tattoos to inspire you.

Nice tattoos by Tarmasz #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper
Wonderful work of Thomas Hooper #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper
Lovely tattoo by Tim Hendricks #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper
Great piece by Tony Hundahl ... but ouch ! #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper
A dead bird ... must have been painful as hell ! #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper
Love the work of Valerie Vargas #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper
Great piece by Victor Chil #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper
Stunning realistic cat by Victor Portugal #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper
Another gorgeous one by Victor Portugal #hand #handtattoo #fingerjewels #jobstopper

Whether you’re just getting your tattoo game started, or you’re creeping into full-on job stopper territory, we hope these hand tattoos got your creative juices flowing. There are a lot of ways to fill up a hand, whether it’s with tiny jewels and intricate details, or a whole slam-dunk, huge piece of art. Take a cue from some of these brave souls, and get out there and grab your first hand tattoo. And remember: times are changin’, and we here at Tattoodo have been ahead of the curve for a while — hand tattoos aren’t job stoppers in our book, just beautiful pieces of art.

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