Leonie New's Take on the Traditional Style

Leonie New's Take on the Traditional Style

The classic style has seen many iterations, and Leonie New has one distinctly her own.

Over the years, the traditional style of tattooing has gone through a ton of changes. Many people have put their own spin on the style, and it has evolved so much that the originators of the style would have their minds blown by the work people are creating. 

Melbourne's Leonie New has put her stamp on the style. Rather than sticking to the strict confines of the style, she views the rules more as guidelines that can help inform her designs. That innovation is what has caused a resurgence in the stye while simultaneously taking it to the next step of its evolution. New's work is clearly inspired by generations of tattooers, but in a way that prevents it from being redundant.  

New's bold and bright tattoos are just the kick in the ass that the traditional style needed.

Working out of Chapel Tattoos in Australia, New tattoos pop and will age beautifully. Her pronounced lines will keep these tattoos looking fresh for years to come, and the bright colors give them the pizzaz they need in order to stand out amongst the crown.

She's constantly honing her craft and sharpening her blade to make sure her tattoos stand the test of time while looking extraordinary as well. Her take on traditional tattooing is a welcomed sight, and it's something her customers will be proud to flaunt.

Follow Leonie New on Instagram to get your fix of bold and bright Traditional style tattoos.

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