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Let the Demons Loose: Dark Art Tattoos

Let the Demons Loose: Dark Art Tattoos

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In this collection of dark art tattoos we show you how devilish and demonic ink can get. Spiders, skulls, and spirits, oh my!

This collection of the day includes a selection of dark art tattoos that are sure to give you the shivers. Who knows why we are so attracted to darkness, why taboos fascinate and enthrall us, but it is surely clear that many people find something of themselves in art that explores the gloomier aspects of life. These dark art tattoos are an example of life and death mingling together in a perfect merge of idea and art form. Tattooing is a diverse and vast artistic movement that often delves into taboo topics, and in fact, tattooing itself was once seen as a taboo as well. 

For real though, the artists who illustrate ink that totally freaks you out and makes you feel cold icy fingertips at the nape of your neck are seriously incredible. Even movies rely on certain horror tricks to make you jump out of your screechy violins and long eerie pauses...but these Dark Art Tattoos rely on nothin but the hard work and master craftsmanship that artists like Brando Chiesa, and others strive for. If these pieces don't make you feel weird inside...we gotta know your secret. Ghost stories and exorcisms still totally freak us out.

We decide to research this interesting trend of attraction to the dark side, and after surveying a few articles on Psychology Today we noticed that each person who has also researched this came to a simple conclusion: it's because society expects certain things from us, and sometimes those expectations don't exactly fit. These dark art tattoos may seem like just an expression of inner morbidity, but they're epitomes of people transforming themselves; owning their bodies and actions in a way that society does not often allow. Dark art tattoos, like any tattoo, can be empowering and life altering. 

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