Let These Skull Tattoos Make You Question Your Mortality

Let These Skull Tattoos Make You Question Your Mortality

The skull is one of the most iconographic tattoos — check out the various styles of skull tattoos out there.

We love reoccurring motifs here at Tattoodo. Roses are popular as can be; ladyheads are timeless classics. So, of course, we have to feature one of the most metal, dark, goth icons — the skull tattoo. Iconic due to its easily recognizable features, and one of the more common images throughout illustration itself, the skull has become completely divorced from its anatomical roots. We no longer see the thing inside our heads when gazing upon a skull — we see a skull, its own entity, its own shape. 

Skull tattoos and skeleton tattoos are their own images and characters by this point. They can be playful, foreboding, evil, cartoony. Represented across styles, skull tattoos are here to stay.

From Traditional to Realism, from Japanese to Trash Polka, the skull remains iconic. 

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