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Let's Cover Every Inch: Incredible Sleeve Tattoos

Let's Cover Every Inch: Incredible Sleeve Tattoos

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In this collection of sleeve tattoos we show you tons of different styles, aesthetics, and designs that perfectly fit your arms and legs.

Since tattooing has started to become more mainstream, way more people are taking the jump and plunging head first into this awesome art form. This means more tattoo collectors are starting big, instead of starting small...which, obviously, means that sleeve tattoos are evolving and becoming way more of a common thing! We consistently get asked for more ideas when it comes to filling up large spaces, so we tried to do that with this awesome collection. From Illustrative to Realism, some Tribal and, of course, Japanese, we brought these tattoo images to you in hopes of sparking your imagination and introducing you to some concept that you may not have already considered!

Of course, it always depends on what your personal aesthetics or tastes are...matched with what you deeply love and appreciate. Maybe you want your sleeve tattoo to reflect your philosophies, or maybe you want to pay homage to your favorite tattoo artist by letting them go wild! It's always difficult to know where to start...especially since there are so many options out there! Obviously our best advice would be to think long and hard before committing, since this will truly be something that the entire world will see and admire.

 The first few images we chose are more about dots and lines, with some hints of sacred geometry. Aries Rhysing and Dillon Forte are both known for their incredible devotion to the sacred arts of tattooing...each has their own philosophy, but you can definitely see the influence of Buddhism, Hinduism, and other ancient ways of life. The esoteric can be deeply inspiring to a lot of people who feel like their roots are more in the old, more organic, way of life. Sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race of today that we forget to connect with ourselves, others, and the earth. Sacred geometry has so much beautiful meaning behind it, so if you're someone who like their tattoos to be sleek and patterned based, this may be a great place to start for you!

We also included some Traditional sleeve tattoos because this is iconic tattooing at its best. Traditional works so well for sleeves, especially because it's something you can build up over time. Traditional flash tattoos are so perfect to collect through the years, whether you love one particular artist or want to get a bunch of pieces from several different artists. And because Traditional tattoos usually come in a specific palette, they match so well even if you get them from different tattooists! Plus, there's a reason why Trad tats have never gone outa style: the iconography is powerful, the colors and designs age extremely well, and the history attached to this notable aesthetic is really interesting.

The same could be said of Japanese and Irezumi tattoos! And although you may think that because Japanese tattooing has a lot of guidelines for the way it should be matter what, an artists voice always shines through. Koji Ichimaru, Kiku and Chris Garver all do Japanese tattoos, but they each have a different take on this ancient practice. Kiku tends to blend his style with the bold attributes of Trad. Ichi Hatano is very traditional with his way of creating Japanese tattoos, and you can see how his pieces all seem to look as if they could have been done on a samurai! Haku, although a Korean artist, uses Japanese in a very light illustrative approach that makes his work seem very light. Again, there are so many different ways you can get sleeve tattoos, so many ideas out there and so many fabulous artists!

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