Let’s Get Dangerous With These Darkwing Duck Tattoos

Let’s Get Dangerous With These Darkwing Duck Tattoos

Disney’s favorite crime-fighting waterfowl gets some rad tattoo love

Pressure is sometimes an amazing source of inspiration. Some of the greatest ideas ever had by mankind have been cooked up at the last minute (along with a slew of wonderful Tattoodo articles.) Perhaps one of the greatest results of a need for an idea was a favorite character from my childhood, Darkwing Duck. This crime-fighting duck was the result of a last minute brainstorming session at Disney and an instant success. Having found his way into the hearts of a generation, would it surprise you that there are some totally sick Darkwing Duck tattoos?

The origin story of this other caped crusader goes like this. In 1990 Disney was working on a reboot of the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Deep into pre-production, the creative team realized that while Disney owned the home video rights to the show, they didn’t actually own the rights to the characters. The pressure was on, as Disney needed a new animated show for its afternoon block ASAP.

And all it took was someone to utter the idea, “What if Batman was a duck?” And the rest is history.

Darkwing Duck premiered on March 31st, 1991 and ran for three seasons that produced 91 episodes featuring the crime-fighting vigilante waterfowl. The series built a strong enough legacy that IGN featured it on its list of 100 Best Animated Series at number 93, sandwiched between The Boondocks and Rugrats. The series also produced an incredibly fun NES game.

In honor of the show’s amazing legacy, we’ve rounded up some awesome Darkwing Duck tattoos. Relive the ‘90s in a heartbeat with these amazing tributes to the other caped crusader.

Don’t these amazing Darkwing Duck tattoos just make you want to take the law into your own hands? Or do they stir feelings of jealousy as you realize you’re stuck in your human form and will never be an anthropomorphic animal superhero?

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