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Let's Get Riggity Riggity Wrecked Son! Rick and Morty Tattoos

Let's Get Riggity Riggity Wrecked Son! Rick and Morty Tattoos

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We know we'll have to wait almost an eternity for new, we'll drool over these Rick and Morty Tattoos for now.

If you're like us, you binge watched Season 3 of Rick and Morty five times in a row, and then had to go back and rewatch the older seasons as well. Again, we know we'll have to wait an eternity for new episodes, especially since the show hasn't technically been picked up for a Season 4! Obviously, since the show has had massive these Rick and Morty tattoos prove...there aren't any worries that the show will die after this past season. We'll try to contain our impatience for as long as possible by, yet again, binge watching Season 3, and drooling over this incredible Rick and Morty tattoos.

Many fans were freaking out last year due to the long wait for new episodes, and some were even spewing rumors that drama behind the scenes was holding up the premier of the show...but nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, and obviously part of the foundation that makes this particular show so good, the writers, Harmon and Roiland, take their time writing new episodes. This is what makes fans go out and get Rick and Morty tattoos in homage of their favorite television heroes: it's so damn well written. It's hilarious, and smart, and politically on point, and even makes references to all of our favorite sci-fi idols. 

So, even if we have to wait until 2019 we will continue getting Rick and Morty tattoos, we will continue supporting the genius of Harmon and Roiland, and we will continue hoping that the world won't end just so that we're sure to see the next adventures of Rick and Morty. Straight up though, if you love these tattoos, and if you have your own or want to get your own please please please send it to us!! Let us know!! we can't get enough of these Rick and Morty tattoos! 

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