Let's Get Trippy with Marcin Surowiec

Let's Get Trippy with Marcin Surowiec

The Polish tattooist has a twisted imagination and we're glad he can share it with us.

Have you ever gone on a bad drug trip? It had you freaking out, thinking you're seeing things that aren't really there, maybe you hyperventilate a little bit. Some people claim to have visions that are at some points serene and tranquil, and others seem to have a nightmare of a time. It's a big reason why some people have sworn off certain drugs, while others embrace the psychedelic aspect of them.

Marcin Surowiec must've had some really intense trips. Or, at the very least, a hyperactive imagination. The designs that this dude comes up with are straight-up mind-bending. It really makes you wonder how a person could come up with something so experimental and demented.

Surowiec doesn't ignore any aspect of his creative visions. He'll design something mind-bendingly placid, and the next tattoo you'll see him do will be ghastly in only a way the darkest parts of your mind can imagine. 

Surowiec is based out of Warsaw, Poland and is known for his malleable style. He's a capable hand at just about any kind of tattoo style that's out there, and he'll give you a tattoo you'll be able to appreciate for ages.

We really have to hand it to Surowiec for his ability to take the art that we know and love and turning it on its head. In the back piece below Surowiec takes one of the most common motifs in Irezumi —the koi fish — and completely reinvents it. By using bright colors that scarcely exist in nature on a black background, the koi pops in a way rarely seen. This isn't just a koi, it's a magical space fish floating through the universe. 

If you loved these tattoos by Marcin Surowiec, follow him on Instagram. You can never have too many great tattoo artists in your feed.

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