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Let's Have a Whale of a Time and Learn About These Giants

Let's Have a Whale of a Time and Learn About These Giants

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

Whale tattoos are almost as cool as the massive creatures themselves.

Ever since they ate that guy back in the Bible, whales have been the most fearsome fish in the ocean. These massive creatures can swallow you and everything you love in one enormous bite, then rip you to shreds with their gigantic jaws filled with razor sharp teeth. While we here at Tattoodo are not exactly marine biologists, we are fascinated by whales. So we thought we would share some great tattoos and impressive facts with you.

1. Whales may seem dangerous, but more people are killed by falling coconuts each year!

There you go! Everything you need to know about whales, and some really nice tattoos. We hope you appreciated Tattoodo's Jack Coosteau impression and learned a little something. 

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

Likes: writing, baseball, dumplings, American Traditional tattoos, punk rock. Dislikes: kale, things that look like kale and words that rhyme with kale. Managing Editor @tattoodo

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