Let’s Inspect These Awesome Inspector Gadget Tattoos

Let’s Inspect These Awesome Inspector Gadget Tattoos

We take a look at a beloved ‘80s cyborg cartoon detective and the political legacy created by the show’s composers.

Here’s a fun trivia question for you – what law enforcement officer can fit the most stuff inside of their body cavities? The answer is everybody’s favorite animated cyborg cop, Inspector Gadget. Today we’re going to look at some sweet Inspector Gadget tattoos. More importantly, we’re also going to tell you how the success of Inspector Gadget set the stage for one single man to alter the landscape of politics in the United States.

Inspector Gadget premiered in 1983 and ran for two seasons. It follows the adventures of a cyborg cop, whose back story we’re not sure was ever fully explained. The title character was voiced by Don Adams of Get Smart fame. The show saw Gadget haplessly bumble his way through adventure after adventure fighting the evil forces of CLAW while his niece Penny and her dog Brain did the actual legwork and saved the day, a feat for which Gadget would always get credit.

The greatest legacy of Inspector Gadget is the show’s overly catchy theme song. Even though you might not have seen the show in a quarter of a century, if you’ve heard the theme, you can still recall it. The song was written by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, two young Israeli composers who had formed a partnership writing theme songs for children’s TV shows. They had moderate success in their early years, but the Inspector Gadget theme song opened the floodgates, and over the course of the 1980s the duo wrote countless theme songs and background music for dozens of shows.

Saban had greater aspirations that just being a writer of ditties, and by 1988 he had founded Saban Entertainment. In the ‘90s, the company found great success adapting Japanese shows such as Mighty Morphin Power RangersBeetleborgs, and Masked Rider for American audiences.

Saban’s company merged with Fox Children’s Productions in 1996. Saban flipped the resulting company, Fox Kids Worldwide, to Disney in 2001, making him a billionaire. He then went on to buy and flip ProSiebenSat.1, Germany’s largest commercial television broadcasting company. Saban’s company then purchased Univision, of which he is presently chairman.

Now a multi-billionaire, Saban has publicly stated that his greatest concern is the protection of Israel. He has described his three step formula for doing so – donate heavily to political parties, establish think tanks, and control American media outlets.

Check, check, and check in regards to that list. During the 2001-2002 election cycle, Saban was the largest contributor to the DNC with over 10 million dollars. At the time, this represented the largest donation from a single source to the DNC in its history. Hillary Clinton calls Saban a “very good friend.” During the Clinton presidency, he served on the President’s Export Council and advised the White House on trade issues. He has threatened Nancy Pelosi with a withholding of funds several times in order to bend her to his will.

He also established the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, a pro-Israeli think tank based in Washington DC. While we could go on at great length about his political exploits, we’d like to simply leave you with the idea that all of this power and influence would not rest in his hands if the theme song to Inspector Gadget had not been so catchy. Just ponder this as you check out these totally sweet Inspector Gadget tattoos.

Don’t these awesome Inspector Gadget tattoos just make you want to ensure the continued existence of Israel at all costs? And what ever happened to Shuki Levy, Saban’s composing partner? He still writes music for TV and has not influenced America’s Middle Eastern policy one bit. The poor guy has probably spent the last 20 years of his life being asked by his parents why he couldn’t have been more like Haim Saban. For more on Saban’s political life check out this excellent New Yorker article.

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