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Let's Not Get Complicated: Minimal Tattoos

Let's Not Get Complicated: Minimal Tattoos

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These minimal tattoos vary from colorful little tidbits to black and grey illustrations but, regardless, these small tattoos are powerful.

In today's gift of inspiration we find a collection of minimal tattoos that we are sure any tattoo aficionado can appreciate. From cutesy cat and dog friends, to simple sacred geometric designs, delicate flowers, and even fun colorful patterns, we brought together these pieces to show you that not all tattoos have to be big back pieces to be powerful. You know awesome things often come in small packages...we're sure you have some short friends with powerhouse personalities...and these small tattoos are no different. Full of flavor, packing a punch, and sure to put a smile on your face, check out these images of ink for inspiration.

So we know that a few years ago minimal living was one of the biggest trends ever and truly, with the arrival of people like tidy tiny person Marie Kondo, this "trend" is actually a way of living that consistently reinvents itself in many different forms and ways to fit with the needs of many different people. Minimalism is about parring down what we think we need by letting go of wasteful habits, and also recognizing that object fetishism is an unhealthy aspect of the consumerist societies we find ourselves living in today.

For artists, and art collectors as well, the minimalist lifestyle can be really difficult. Artists need art supplies, which means collecting plenty of tubes of paint, brushes, palettes, and a million different other mediums and tools depending on the artists particular trade. Many tattoo artists have way more than one tattoo machine, and this is a true need...each machine is for a specific purpose, and many of them create that "spark of joy" Marie Kondo says is so important, both for the tattooists and the collectors who receive a tattoo from them.

This is just another reason why tattoos are cool: there is nothing wasteful about a truly awesome tattoo and the experience that comes with it. In fact, when traveling, instead of collecting a magnet, or post cards, or books, clothing, and everything else, you could just hit up your favorite tattoo artist in that city and get a piece of art that lasts and lasts. Not only will it not add to the weight of your luggage, but it will also be there with you for the rest of your life to remind you of that sweet vacation you took to wherever to fulfill your tattoo dreams.

Perhaps the people who got these minimal tattoos aren't exactly looking to live that minimal lifestyle, but are just attracted to the idea of having a piece that is simple and straightforward. Many people these days are looking to dip their toes into the tattoo industry in a way that isn't such a hardcore commitment as a back piece or something. Small tattoos are perfect for this. They're easy to hide, and easy to experiment with in a way that makes many people feel really comfortable. That's why art is so awesome!! Because there are a million different ways to express yourself, and a million different artists out there who resonate with that particular aesthetic value.

Believe it or not, the actual art movement "Minimalism" often wasn't actually based on creating things that really spoke to others..."Minimal Art is a school of abstract painting and sculpture where any kind of personal expression is kept to a minimum, in order to give the work a completely literal presence. The resulting work is characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a deliberate lack of expressive content" But art movements certainly evolve, and later many artists within this vein of style were using minimalism to express many different things, including the love of technique and medium. Do these minimal tattoos make you feel something, or is it, like Frank Stella said, "What you see is what you see."?

These minimal tattoos vary from colorful little tidbits to black and grey illustrations but, regardless, these small tattoos are powerful.

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