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Let's Pray This Is the Last of These Tattoos We Ever See

Let's Pray This Is the Last of These Tattoos We Ever See

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If you absolutely insist on getting a Tennessee Titans tattoo like this, at the very least be bold with your prediction.

We have officially reached the point where the sports tattoo predicting a championship has become the new feather turning into a bunch of birds. Say what you will about the people that proclaim their team to be world champs months before the regular season even starts, at least they have the balls to make a strong prediction, the faith that their team will end the year with a champagne shower. This Tennessee Titans fan couldn’t even find the stones to predict a playoff victory…

Mitcht Firkins makes a very mild prediction for the Tennessee Titans. (Via Facebook) #NFL #sports #tennesseetitans

We could go on and on about how this isn’t going to happen — the Texans are only going to get better, the Colts should be back in the mix, and last we saw the schedule didn’t have eight games against the Jaguars — but that’s not really the point. The point is that if you are going to get a tattoo to rally your team to victory set the bar a little bit higher. Let’s say that the Titans win the division, host a playoff game, and then get their fucking doors blown off by 42. Do you really think Firkins is going to want to walk around proudly showing off how he willed his team to the division title through magical tattoo black magic? Fuck no. He’s going to be first in line to get a cover up so that he can forget the season that had so much promise, and then blew up in an instant.

When we first saw this tattoo we thought it was idiotic, but at least this guy had the gall to predict something that hadn't happened for over a century!

Look, we have told you numerous times that these predictive tattoos are a horrible idea. There is just so much downside, and now that multiple people have done it successfully, no real upside. But, if you absolutely must do this, at least predict something that matters, not just a division championship. Or go nuts and embrace your team’s ineptitude — get a tattoo predicting 2017’s first overall draft pick. I’m looking at you Cleveland…

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

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