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Let's Talk About Culturally Insensitive Tattoos And What It Means

Let's Talk About Culturally Insensitive Tattoos And What It Means

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Courtney Demone and Kathleen Walsh talk to SALON about what's it like to have a tattoo that can seem disrespectful to a culture.

Both Courtney and Kathleen got a tattoo with a very cultural symbolism - a Mayan symbol and a dreamcatcher without really knowing the meaning and culture behind it. They just got it because it looked pretty or cool. Until they got politicized for it.

However, they decided to do something about it - Courtney blurred the tattoo in her photos and Kathleen started to hide her tattoo with clothes.

"It sort of contributes to the belittling of this culture.. and it's less important.."
"'s only important because I as a white lady decided it was pretty"
"I feel like there's nothing inherently wrong with being inspired artistically by other cultures.."

The fuzz about culturally insensitive tattoos has been under constant attention of the society and, to be honest, there is no way around it. On one hand, people say that it's not OK at all but, on the other hand, there are people who support tattoos with a strong cultural background. I guess this contradiction will always exist but the topic should be more nuanced. 

This story is just one of the many that have happened out there. And definitely a lesson for everyone who thinks that culturally insensitive tattoos are not a hot topic!

You can watch the full interview HERE.

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