Life’s A Beach, Especially When You Have a Beach Tattoo

Life’s A Beach, Especially When You Have a Beach Tattoo

We’re looking at our favorite sandy playground with some hot beach tattoos for summer

Unless you’re among our large South American audience, chances are it’s still summertime. And summer is absolutely our favorite season here at Tattoodo because there are just so many rad summer-themed tattoos out there that it makes our jobs a little easier. We like to stay topical, so we look forward to finding sweet summer tattoos almost as much as we dread looking for Passover tattoos every spring. Anyway, today, through the magic of tattoos, we’re all taking a trip to the beach with some gnarly beach tattoos. So grab your sunscreen and boogie boards and join us.

There may be nothing better than a summer day spent at the beach. Unless you get sunburned. Or bitten by a shark. Or you live in New Jersey and your governor, corpulent future-corpse Chris Christie, closes the state beaches to the public but still gets to go enjoy them. But those three things are pretty much all that can go wrong at the beach, we think. Oh, and box jellyfish. Those fuckers kill you. But that’s it.

Outside of those possibilities, things can only go right at the beach. You can lay out and work on your tan, swim in the cool ocean water, or just check out all the hot dudes. You could finally meet that someone special or network your way into your dream job. Anything can happen at the beach. It’s a magical place where dreams come true. Plus, what can make you feel as close to your fellow humans than spending a day pissing in the ocean together?

If you’re unfortunately living in a landlocked area, you’re shit out of luck, but another 5 years or so of virtual reality research and development might be able to give you a big assist in the 2020s. In the meantime, scope these beautiful beach tattoos. You can almost taste the salty sea air.

Don’t these awesome beach tattoos make you want to go out and rent the movie Beaches? Don’t do that. The title is super misleading and you’re not going to have a good time. Just go to the beach instead.

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