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Like Cartman Said 'I Do What I Want': Ignorant Style Tattoos

Like Cartman Said 'I Do What I Want': Ignorant Style Tattoos

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Ignorant Style Tattoos are breaking tattoo rules and techniques looks cool, and rules were meant to be broken anywayz. Duh.

We get it. Abstract expressionism may not be your thing. And maybe you hate hyperrealist tattoos too. And maybe you aren't even into ignorant style tattoos either, but heres the catch: diversity is cool. And as the great Artist Formerly Known as Prince once said, "Different strokes for different folks." Sly and the Family Stone also said it...even Muhammad Ali said it. They are all people you just can't argue with. So even though ignorant style tattoos often get a lot of flack from "serious" tattoo artists and collectors, you can't control the can only control your reaction to it.

So now that we got that out of the way, we'll tell you a bit about what makes ignorant style tattoos cool. The origins may be covered by the mists of time, but one thing is clear: there are obvious connotations to old school prison tattoos, Russian tattoos, and all those underground practices that were pretty much the beginnings of modern day tattooing before it got all mainstream and Justin Bieber started dipping his nib into everyones ink. HAY-OH! But for reals: ignorant style tattoos have some serious roots in tattoo culture. And, hopefully, since we're talking STYLE here and not actual ignorant, home scratcher crap...these pieces are being done responsibly and with cleanliness. Not just in your friends of a friends basement with an electric toothbrush "machine", mkay?

Another thing we have to admit is that a lot of the artists sporting this ignorant style a word...hilarious. Like freakin genius. Either straight up potty mouth, old school Billy Madison style stuff or really dark, sort of depressing but ultra relevant work. Take your pick. Or don't. Because maybe you're still being all high and mighty and too cool for ignorant style tattoos while we're all sitting over here giggling our asses off because Mr. Heggie said something funny.

Written byTattoodo

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