Lining Up Some Totally Cool Cocaine Tattoos

Lining Up Some Totally Cool Cocaine Tattoos

Cocaine tattoos are a great indicator that their owner is an incredibly smart and interesting person

Today we’re talking cocaine. Blow. Nose clams. Peruvian marching powder. Cocoa. Booger sugar. Yayo. The devil’s dandruff. Snow White. Dad. Gold bond medicated powder. Belushi. Baseball. What to buy for the stripper who has everything. The shortcut to enlightenment. Columbian sprinkles. Whatever you call it, cocaine is fucking awesome and to prove it to you, we’ve gathered up these really cool pictures of awesome cocaine tattoos.

Cocaine produces a feeling so wonderful that it totally negates the negative moral quandary raised by the trail of bloodshed and child slavery that coke travels to get from the cocoa plant to your nose. And who really has time to worry about lining the pockets of brutal Mexican drug cartels when the weekend comes?

And you know what else coke is great at not making you give a fuck about? Your intake of livestock de-worming agent. As of 2015, only about 83 percent of the blow seized in the US was found to be cut with it.

Another fucking fantastic facet of cocaine is how interesting it makes anyone who is under its influence. These are always the best people to hang out with at parties, as they often have very important things to say.

Oh, and the best part has to be how when you get bored with the drug, you can turn it into an even better drug with simple household ingredients. Crack cocaine is easy to make and is a great way to have a lot of fun with your friends.

Because of all of these totally rad things, we decided it was high time to round up some really sick pictures of cocaine tattoos. From tattoos of people doing blow to more tattoos of people doing blow, these are tattoos that exist. And we’ve got them here for you, so snort them up your eyeballs.

Don’t these cool coke tattoos just make you want to do a fat rail right now? We say go for it, it’s 2017 and cocaine is totally mainstream now and no one is judging you.

(Author’s note: why the fuck did the only person in the office who has never done blow get assigned this piece? My bosses are literally on drugs.)

(Editor’s note: cocaine is a boring person’s drug and we don’t support the use of illicit substances. We’re on the fence about whether or not getting a tattoo of one is a better idea than doing them in the first place)

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