Looking To The Stars With These Cosmically Cool Carl Sagan Tattoos

Looking To The Stars With These Cosmically Cool Carl Sagan Tattoos

Carl Sagan, the world’s most celebrated scientist, inspires some incredible tattoos

Long before Neil deGrasse Tyson was trolling James Cameron on Twitter, there was the original rock star astrophysicist, Mr. Carl Sagan. Sagan was responsible to opening an entire generation’s minds to everything beyond this pale blue dot we call Earth. He is the reason countless thousands of people got into science, and has earned a place in the upper echelons of scientists. There are not many scientists that inspire people to get a tattoo, let alone enough to fill a Tattoodo article, but Carl Sagan sure has. So, let’s take our eyes off of the skies for a moment, and marvel at the wonder that is these Carl Sagan tattoos.

Sagan was born in Brooklyn in 1934. He showed a keen interest in science from an early age and by 16 he had finished high school and enrolled at the University of Chicago. Here he accrued a B.A. in “nothing” as he described it and a B.S. in physics, which he followed up with a masters in physics and PhD in astronomy and astrophysics. These were just the first steps in his brilliant career as a scientist.

We could write volumes about Sagan’s work and accomplishments. He contributed research to an impressive list of interdisciplinary fields including astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, and astrobiology. Sagan’s main focus was research on extraterrestrial life and he is responsible for the first physical messages sent into space – the Pioneer plaque and the Voyager Golden Record.

But Sagan is most famous for his work on Cosmos, the most watched program in the history of public broadcasting, having been viewed by some 500 million people across 60 countries. This series explored cosmic science in a way that a layperson could easily relate to. This brilliant television program made Sagan a household name and opened a generation’s mind to the cosmos.

Sagan’s biggest asset next to his superior sexy brain was the fact that he was extremely likable and personable. His character went a long way in erasing stereotypical thoughts of what scientists were and who they could be. He made everyday folks interested in science in a way that no one before him had. It comes as no surprise that he is posthumously regarded as the closest thing to a god science will ever recognize, but what really blows us away are all these sweet Carl Sagan tattoos. Even Einstein didn’t inspire tattoos that look this good. So sit back and open your mind with these totally bitching tributes to the late, great Carl Sagan.

Don’t these awesome Carl Sagan tattoos just make you want to visit space yourself? Well, you can’t. At least not yet, anyway. But you can get totally baked and re-watch Cosmos. It’s the next best thing.

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