Love Animals? Love Tattoos? Love Traditional? Check These Out!

Love Animals? Love Tattoos? Love Traditional? Check These Out!

Traditional Animals by Becca Genné-Bacon!

We don't know anyone who would brag about hating animals, or claim they were just meh about animals — we're surrounded by veritable animal lovers. Whether ocean-bound, flight-borne, or land-locked, animals of all genuses and species really make us happy.

Becca Genné-Bacon's clean, colorful, traditional take on animals is just another way to show your passion for fuzzy friends. Check 'em out!

There are so many bold and beautiful ways to show some love for feathered friends. Birds of all kinds — swallows, pigeons, dodos — all burst off the skin and eye us directly in Genné-Bacon's work. (The pigeon probably wants our sandwich.)

Traditional style animals cuddling with flowers and leaves are just the cutest. They look spectacular on skin, and their quality lasts. Genné-Bacon's work is tight as can be.

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You can cuddle (with your eyes!) more of Genné-Bacon's work over at her Instagram. She works out of Hand of Glory in New York City, so if you're in or near the Big Apple, book an appointment!

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