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Love Yourself with these Body Positive Designs by Frances Cannon

Love Yourself with these Body Positive Designs by Frances Cannon

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Frances Cannon's designs make for some incredible tattoo inspiration!

Frances Cannon is an artist who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Her artwork centers around women and their bodies and portrays women in a body-positive light. Her designs are becoming increasingly popular as tattoos, with her "Self Love Club" tattoo catching on and exploding over Instagram. I asked Frances to tell me a little bit about the club and what motivates her art.

Frances' Instagram profile is filled with wonderful examples of her drawings in tattoo form. One such design is Frances' "Self Love Club", a personal tattoo she had done which quickly caught on like wildfire. 

France Cannon's Self Love Club tattoo, tattooed by Gemma Flack. #GemmaFlack #FrancesCannon #SelfLoveClub #blackwork #bodypositive #bodypositivity

The Club Rules, as stated by Cannon via her Instagram, are as follows: "You must always show yourself respect, love, forgiveness and understanding. You must show each other respect, love, forgiveness and understanding. You must be kind to your body, and you must take care of your mental health." I can definitely get behind this club!

One of the many women inspired by Frances Cannon who are getting on board the self love club train. By Frances Cannon, tattooer unknown. #FrancesCannon #SelfLoveClub #linework #blackwork #drawing #sketch #outline #bodypositive #bodypositivity

"Remember to be forgiving of yourself and others; sometimes you mess up and that's part of the journey too."

Frances' art centres around women and their bodies, and actively fights against harmful and stereotypical images of women. On her website, Frances says that her work is based on "ideas of body-love and body-loathing, anxiety, relationships, sex and sexuality, gender, and bodily functions."

Frances' advice to encourage body positivity and self love? 

If you're interested in getting one of Cannon's beautiful drawings tattooed, you can buy a "tattoo ticket" from her website here.

The beautiful Frances Cannon in her "I Am The Best" t-shirt. #FrancesCannon #SelfLoveClub #bodypositive #bodypositivity

Visit Frances' Instagram to see more of her amazing work!

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