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Lovely and Occasionally Strange Ladies By Vic James

Lovely and Occasionally Strange Ladies By Vic James

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Traditional lady heads and pinups to fall in love at first sight.

If you're a fan of traditional lady heads and pinups, then you're in for quite the treat, because Vic James makes some of the most charming and attractive female figures in the world of body art. His depictions of sexy women standout from the crowd not only because of the rigor that he puts into making them but also because of the interesting ways in which he stylizes them. Take a gander at some of his tattoos of stunning ladies and see if they don't send you falling head over heals. 

Part of what makes James' lady heads and pinups so attractive are the techniques with which he renders them. Each of these bangers exemplifies how he uses a mixture of heavy and light line weights to give these beautiful women shape. His use of varying degrees of line work is what makes each of his female figures pronounced yet detailed.  Also, these tattoos demonstrate how he employs different levels of color saturation depending on how he themes his ladies. For instance, the lady head on a vase is rich with chroma, consisting of a wide range of colors thrust up against one another to create a vibrant aesthetic, while the cowgirl, on the other hand, is sparse in colorations, giving her a fairer complexion.  

Though many of his tattoos of bodacious babes — such as his gypsies, Native American girls, geishas, and more — stay true to some of the classic looks that the motif has taken on over the years, many of his ladies venture on the wilder side of things. For example, he might be the only traditional tattooist in the world to have illustrated a diver girl wrestling a goblin shark, and it's not every day that you see a three-breasted woman looking so nonchalant. Whether they are strange and unusual or not, however, all of his lady heads and pinups are beyond drop-dead gorgeous.

If you want to fall in love with more of Vic James' traditional tattoos of lovely ladies, head on over to his Instagram. He works at Lighthouse Tattoo in Sydney, Australia and can be reached for booking at should you desire some body by him, too.

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