Lovely Simplistic Handpoke Tattoos By Cate Webb

Lovely Simplistic Handpoke Tattoos By Cate Webb

Handpoke tattoo artist, Cate Webb illustrates beautiful esoteric-inspired design on skin with simple, neat linework.

Heavily inspired by the binding of esoteric elements and the spiritual relationship of humans and animals, Cate Webb expresses this through her beautiful handpoke works. Tattooing off Victoria, British Columbia in Canada, Cate also spends her time oil painting in between tattooing and art commissions. Most of her work is figure-based and consist of neat linework and light dotwork.

Cate Webb at work. #CateWebb #handpoke

I especially love how simple and clean her tattoos turn out, but always with a streak of interesting with subjects like disembodied hands and ghost kitties. 

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