Lovely Tattoo Landscapes to Get Lost In

Lovely Tattoo Landscapes to Get Lost In

Here's a trip around the world in 14 landscape tattoos by great artists.

Maybe it's because were holed up at our computers writing all the time and all desperately need vacations, but we here at Tattoodo love landscapes. We love visually setting foot into these depictions of the natural world until we, ourselves, disappear into their vanishing points. Check out this world tour of tattoos by some of the best landscape artists we've recently featured.

Just as nature is diverse, so are the styles in which landscape tattoos come. Here we see examples of black and grey as well as color realism, vibrant linocut, exquisite scrimshaw, and even silhouetted watercolor. We particularly love how many of these tattooists border or enhance their outdoor scenes with geometric figures. Stylistic differences aside, we can help but meander into these sometimes idyllic and other times sublime piece that take after the natural world. They're all majestic in their own picturesque ways.  

We hope you liked exploring these landscapes by excellent tattooists. If you want to see more of their wonderful mountain ranges, seascapes, and more, travel on over to their Instagrams, which are listed in the captions. Also, make sure to keep an eye on the horizon for our next posting about another great landscape artist. 

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