Ludovic Mode's Obsession With Circus Ladies

Ludovic Mode's Obsession With Circus Ladies

The owner of La Main Bleue can tattoo some of the best circus ladies you'll ever lay eyes on.

Acrobats, dancers, singers, lion tamers, jugglers, strongmen... These historical circus acts, and now the new age feats like those seen in Cirque De Soleil, all make for some astounding and mind-boggling performance. Once you learn to appreciate the showmanship associated with these performances, and learn what the day-to-day lives of the performers are like, you'll see them in an entirely new light. Tattoo artist and La Main Bleue shop owner, Ludovic Mode, has a deep appreciation for all things circus. His penchant for tattooing contortionists and other circus acts shows off his keen interest in the genre. 

Working in a traditional style lends itself nicely to rocking these tattoos of circus ladies. They have unique and timeless attributes about them. Ludovic perfectly utilizes this style, and gets playful with it, to bring his circus-performing subjects to life on the skin.

Follow Ludovic on Instagram and get your traditional tattoo on. And remember to stretch before you try any of these wiggly contortions yourself!

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