Lush Cosmetics Employees Get Lush-Related Tattoos

Lush Cosmetics Employees Get Lush-Related Tattoos

These are some dedicated employees, aren't they?

Lush is a beauty company that sells boutique cosmetics. They are a very popular and successful company that has seen their brand expand a lot over the last few years. Their firm stance against animal cruelty and animal testing has helped bring them to the front of the cosmetics world, as well as establishing a cause they care about.

Apparently, they are also a great place to work if these tattoos are any evidence of that.

Several Lush employees at their store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania went to the tattoo shop to get their favorite products tattooed on their bodies forever. 

Lush employee Brittney Minor explains how it all went down for the nine employees who decided to get Lush-inspired ink in an interview with Pop Sugar.

"One shift, we were talking about how much the brand has had an impact on us," she said. "I mentioned I wanted to get a tattoo to celebrate, and they all jumped at the idea."

A friend of Minor's, Shelby Golob of Blackthorn Gallery, was the one to tattoo the group of Lush employees.

All of the employees chose to honor Lush in a different way. Each other them either got a different product that they are obsessed with, or some of their anti-animal cruelty imagery and signage.

Brittney Minor was impressed with the reaction that their tattoos got from the general public. "I was overwhelmed by the "likes" and comments from Lushies across North America saying how they now want to get Lush tattoos, too."

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