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Made To Fit: Technology and Fashion Combine for Custom Fitted T-Shirts

Made To Fit: Technology and Fashion Combine for Custom Fitted T-Shirts

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When you put together a good tattoo and a fresh, fitted t-shirt the result is a classic look that can't be denied.

There are few art forms as inherently personal as a tattoo. The best are bespoke pieces of art, curated by the customer in collaboration with an artist. The design flows with the contours of the canvas’ particular body shape; the imagery and color palette reflect the customer’s unique sensibilities and personal history.

Simplicity is key. Clean, bold lines against the neutral backdrop of a plain t-shirt provide an understated sense of "cool". Just make sure that t-shirt fits well or you'll look sloppy. #sonofatailor #blackandgreytattoos

Our quest for the perfect T-shirt may have ended with our fellow Copenhagen startup  Son of Tailor which offers the customization and quality that we’ve been longing for when it comes to our wardrobe staples.

Son of a Tailor celebrates the intersection of technology, fashion, and old-school craftsmanship with their innovative platform. Users that visit the website will learn that each T-shirt is 100% custom fitted, utilizing the customer’s measurements to create a T-shirt that is specifically for them.  

For customers that don’t have their measurements on hand, Son of a Tailor has created an Ideal Size Algorithm that calculates the perfect individual fit based off of height, height, age and shoe size providing a simple, intuitive means for ordering the right product for any individual.

Black on black on black. A clean, tailored look with some tastefully placed tattoos provides a subtle edge to a classic look. #sonofatailor #blackandgreytattoos

The customization doesn’t stop at the fit, either. Son of a Tailor offers a selection of premium fabrics crafted from extra-long staple cotton in a variety of colors and weights, single stitched or ribbed crew and v neck openings, pockets, and custom embroidery, among other details. All of these options for a T-shirt may seem a bit daunting at first, but the simplicity of the website and helpful customer services makes it a breeze to order. 

A perfectly-fitted clean white t-shirt with jeans and tattoos is an effortlessly cool, no-maintenance look that anyone can master. #sonofatailor #blackandgreytattoos

Written byTattoodo

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