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Madness Spilled Forth: Surrealist Tattoos

Madness Spilled Forth: Surrealist Tattoos

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Mind bending and strange, these Surrealist Tattoos will surely transform your skin and psyche.

Dali said "I don't do drugs, I am drugs." And looking at his paintings, we can definitely see where he was coming from. These surrealist tattoos are homages to one of the greatest art movements of them all: surrealism. Born from the frustrations of an underground collective conscience, these artists. poets, writers, and performers took to their medium to express their distaste for societies trajectory and repressing expectations. André Breton, a leader of the Surrealists, was explicit in his assertion that Surrealism was, above all, a revolutionary movement. These surrealist tattoos may not scream revolutionary to you, but understanding the art movement, and the fact that it takes courage to see and do things differently, maybe you'll think again.

Surrealism developed out of Dadaism, a nonsensical art movement that expressed the artists opinions on war. The differences between the two movements is great, but the main difference is that surrealist used their dreams, and other reality states, to inform their creations. These surrealist tattoos are all perfect examples of the art form...they include strange design elements, they merge ideas, there is a use of landscape to emit a weird atmospheric vibe. Basically, look at one of the surrealist tattoos. Does it make you feel weird? Do you agree that it is otherworldly? Then the artist is doing a good job!

These surrealist tattoos are also a clear signifier that tattooing is a very powerful art form in itself. This seems obvious, but with countries like China, Japan, and South Korea still ruling tattooing as illegal, it's important for everyone everywhere to recognize and stand up for this beautiful expression of philosophy and aesthetic. Tattooing is the art form that brings almost all art forms together, even cooking! Who doesn't love a good food tattoo?! These surrealist tattoos may seem like just another great collection of pieces, but keep in mind too just how powerful and life changing art can be!!

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