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Magic Rosa Understands that Adulting Is Hard

Magic Rosa Understands that Adulting Is Hard

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Life's all fun and games until you start buying new underwear instead of going to the laundromat like a normal person. I mean...what?

Let’s face it: being an adult is hard. Life’s all fun, games, and spending your extra cash on weed and pizza deliveries until one day you blink, and suddenly you’re 22 years old with about $50,000 in student loan debt living on minimum wage in one of the most expensive cities in the world. To some, it comes naturally like riding a bike or learning how to walk. To others it’s more of a slow roll, going months on end until one day you realize that your lights won’t turn on because you forgot to pay your electric bill for the past four months, instead spending the money on necessary things like weed and Uber rides. Adulting is hard, and whether you’re 22 or 32, we’re pretty positive we’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

Fuck The System by Magic Rosa (via IG-themagicrosa) #ignorantstyle #simple #lines #text #themagicrosa

1. When an entry level job says “you need 3-5 years prior experience.”

But u can roll it in glitter by Magic Rosa (via IG-themagicrosa) #ignorantstyle #simple #lines #text #themagicrosa

2. When your friends convince you to dress up for a night out, and you’re just like…

LOVE ME by Magic Rosa (via IG-themagicrosa) #ignorantstyle #simple #lines #text #themagicrosa

3. When you literally haven’t slept with anyone in six months, and you’re beginning to wonder if your vajeen looks more like the inside of a crypt.

I LIED by Magic Rosa (via IG-themagicrosa) #ignorantstyle #simple #lines #text #themagicrosa

4. When your Tinder profile says that you’re “looking for someone to survive the Trump presidency with.”

I feel like I'm dead by Magic Rosa (via IG-themagicrosa) #ignorantstyle #simple #lines #text #themagicrosa

5. When it’s Wednesday, and you’ve already been yelled at by your boss five times this week, and now he’s want you to go get him a Vitamin Water, "BUT ONLY THE ORANGE KIND."

FTW by Magic Rosa (via IG-themagicrosa) #ignorantstyle #simple #lines #text #themagicrosa

6. When the world is constantly telling you “millennials have it so easy,” but you have no time off from your minimum wage job, rent is due in three days, and you’re on an 11 day work stretch. Ha. Ha. HA.

NOPE by Magic Rosa (via IG-themagicrosa) #ignorantstyle #simple #lines #text #themagicrosa

7. When you really shouldn’t pay $15 for take out, but the grocery store is three blocks away, and it’s 20 degrees outside.

Kiss my ass by Magic Rosa (via IG-themagicrosa) #ignorantstyle #simple #lines #text #themagicrosa

8. When someone is like, “Oh wow, you don’t go to the gym? Don’t you know it does wonders for your health? Soul Cycle literally saved my life. Literally.”

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