Magical Illusion: Zig-Zag Girl Tattoos By Ryan Cooper Thompson

Magical Illusion: Zig-Zag Girl Tattoos By Ryan Cooper Thompson

These traditional pin-up girl tattoos have a funky twist.

Ryan Cooper Thompson is an exceptional tattoo artist who specializes in the traditional style, but his pin-up girls are especially magical.

The 'Zig-Zag Girl' illusion is a famous magic trick in which the magician seems to divide his volunteer or assistant into pieces. But at the end of the illusion... the girl appears completely unharmed.

Californian-based tattoo artist Ryan Cooper Thompson creates interesting and inventive zig zag girl tattoos. Each one completely different, these imaginative tattoos convey both the solid beauty of the traditional tattoo style and the eerie enigma of magic.

Earlier this year Tattoodo featured the innovative magician box tattoos of artist Ryan Cooper Thompson:

20 Innovative Magicians Box Tattoos By Ryan Cooper Thompson

Photos from Ryan's Instagram.

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