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Magical Watercolor Tattoos by Yeliz Özcan

Magical Watercolor Tattoos by Yeliz Özcan

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Yeliz Özcan employs bold black outlines to create striking watercolor tattoos.

Yeliz Özcan makes watercolor tattoos with powerful graphic edge to them. She creates outspoken black silhouettes of all sorts of figures — animals, flowers, and objects — and fills and surrounds them with beautiful, nebulous color schemes. Her work is both arresting and playful at the same time. 

Özcan use of extremely bold lines is what makes her tattoos so impactful. By employing such pronounced outlines, she harnesses the otherwise chaotic energy of watercolor, giving her intermingled plumes of color a sense of intentionality and control. This approach to the style results in a magical aesthetic. 

Özcan uses her approach to watercolor tattooing to make a diverse array of imagery. Her portfolio contains everything from people and pet portraiture to miniature landscapes. Some of her most compelling work is that which takes classic tattoo motifs, such as the roses seen here, and imbues them with nuance by rendering them with vibrant and surprising color theory. 

Check out more of Özcan's work on her Instagram. Should you be in the mood for a new watercolor masterpieces, she works in Istanbul, Turkey and can be reached at or on her website.

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