Magnificent Japanese Tattoos by Jun Teppei

Magnificent Japanese Tattoos by Jun Teppei

Beautiful artwork crawling under the skin in dramatic fashion, the Japanese tattoo style is truly a timeless tattoo style!

A magnificent tattoo by Jun Teppei truly shows how the Japanese style dominates medium to large scale tattooing, in terms of adorning the human body.

Jun Teppei is a budding Vietnamese tattoo artist who does really awesome work. He works in New Choice tattoo studio and is a versatile craftsman. 

A tattoo by Jun Teppei is not restricted to Japanese style, but may also include excellent black and grey tattooing, though this post covers only his Japanese work. The Japanese style makes use of the flow and form of the human body to accentuate the look and visual impact of the tattoo, a technique that Jun Teppei is truly good at.

Hope you guys pull some inspiration from these magnificent Japanese tattoos by Jun Teppei.

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Another rad looking foo dog tattoo by Jun Teppei. #junteppei #foodog #japanesetattoo #coloredtattoo #lowerlegtattoo

Check out Jun Teppei's Instagram account for more of his awesome work: @jun_newchoice

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