Magnificent Mandalas by Mors

Magnificent Mandalas by Mors

When it comes to colorful mandalas you've got to go to Mors!

Mors tattoos is a without a doubt one of the finest traditional tattoo artists of the day. 

Having only been tattooing a few years, since 2012, Mors Tattoo has risen to become of the best traditional artists in Europe with his work coveted the world over. From classic tattoo images to his own unique creations the work of Mors stands out wherever you see it and his tattoos never fail to get you pumped or inspired- he's even taken the mandala trend and made it his own. 

Mors' mandalas are bright, bold and beautiful. Using the best of his traditional skill set and style the mandala tattoo by Mors are regarded as some of the best and it's clear why. Enjoy the selection of Mors mandalas below!

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Don't hesitate to check out his wider work over on Instagram, it's all so damn good! 

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