Magnificent Neo-Traditional Realism Tattoos By Tim Tavaria

Magnificent Neo-Traditional Realism Tattoos By Tim Tavaria

The tattoos of Tim Tavaria bring together neo-traditional and realism in one beautiful piece of body art!

One of the best neo-traditional tattoo artists in the world -  Tim Tavaria is one artist you need to know! 

The neo-traditional style of tattooing is arguably one of the most beautiful in the industry today. Old school imagery mixed with contemporary style and technique creates simply stunning tattoos and tattoo artist Tim Tavaria excels at the style. Tavaria's neo-traditional tattoos however have one extra quality- realism! Combining neo-traditional with realism Tavaria produces some outstanding work that'll have you hooked! 

You can see all of Tavaria's work over on his Instagram and a few of his most impressive pieces right now.

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