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Maison Hefner's Ignorant Style Street Poetry Tattoos

Maison Hefner's Ignorant Style Street Poetry Tattoos

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London-based tattooer Maison Hefner captures millennials' “OG thoughts” with his ignorant style script tattoos.

Maison Hefner's witty and honest script tattoos will make you say ‘me af.’ Monty Richthofen, who goes by the moniker Maison Hefner, is a contemporary tattoo artist based in London and a product of the graffitti scene. He mainly tattoos in an ignorant-like style featuring pieces he likes to describe as ‘street poetry, OG thoughts, and your cheezy custom writing.’ Like most ignorant style tattoos, Maison has a distinct handstyle his followers admire. But unlike what his hip and modern tattoos may suggest, Monty claims his clients are “young and old, cool and uncool, the lowlifes and the champagne society.”

Fans and clients like to dub his tattoo art as ‘fake Russian prison tattoos,’ as it reminds most of the rawness and simplicity of the real thing. However, Monty humbly turns down the title as he believes he's in no position to carry it.

“I would not say my tattoos can be put in the category of Russian prison tattoos. Nor can I talk about this style, because I am in no position to practice it. Tattoos like [mine] mirror the state of an individual, embodying a way of life… It is neither decoration nor a bad joke,” he told Konbini.

While some popular ignorant style tattooers focus on nihilist themes, his script tattoos are mostly cleverly-thought up quotes, frank one-liners, and millennial musings that axis around existentialism, the internet, and random phrases. Very 2016. It's as if his ink is made out of heartache and sarcasm.

The Londoner's tattoos won't be everyone's cup of tea — with one of them even getting submitted to a failed tattoos page by a fellow artist — but nothing's going to bring this tattooer's spirits down. As long as his clients walk out of his studio with grins on their faces, nothing else matters.

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All images via Instagram.

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