Majestic Mountains by Thomas Eckeard

Majestic Mountains by Thomas Eckeard

Eleven Landscapes In Case You're in Need of a Mental Vacation

Living in the city, being surrounded by concrete and buildings all the time can be extremely tiring. Sure, the hustle and bustle of New York is great at first: the endless possibilities of nightlife, the ability to order literally anything with just a simple click of a button, and the endless amount of culture that’s waiting just outside. But sometimes the relentlessness of the city can get exhausting. Sometimes all you wanna do is get away from it all, and head back to nature, and by nature we mean a fully furnished Airbnb with wifi that’s just outside of trendy Beacon, New York. You know, like a true millennial. But in case you’re lacking the funds for said fully furnished, bougie cabin, we’ve gathered a few mountain tattoos to wet your whistle.

Thomas Eckeard is a tattoo artist out of Arcadia, California, that works in mostly black ink. Using elements of dot work and line work, his tattoos are predominantly illustrative, and heavily influenced by nature. And why shouldn’t he with the backdrop of southern California to rely on for inspiration? Incredibly dreamy, and easy to get lost in, his tattoos are nearly as good as the real thing. So if you find yourself bound by the city, without a mode of transportation, or just in general need of a mental vacation, look no further than Eckeard’s nature inspired beauties.

You can see more of Eckeard’s work on his Instagram.

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