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Majestic Neo Traditional Animal Tattoos by Charlotte Timmons

Majestic Neo Traditional Animal Tattoos by Charlotte Timmons

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Escape to a fairy tale land filled with adorable animals.

With all the terrible things happening in the world, it's nice just to sit back and squeal at some pretty pictures on a screen. Let's dive into the majestic tattoo world of Birmingham, UK-based, Charlotte Timmons. 

Adorable bear cubs by Charlotte Timmons. #neotraditional #bear #bearcub #flowers #CharlotteTimmons

Viewing Charlotte's work is literally just going "awww" time and time again.  Each piece is so damn adorable, it's difficult to contain myself. The adorable animals in the neo traditional style, teamed with pretty flowers and decorative elements - nothing makes me happier. 

Mystical unicorn tattoo by Charlotte Timmons. #neotraditional #heart #flowers #unicorn #CharlotteTimmons

If you're all about tattoos giving you warm and fuzzy feelings, then you'll simply love the work of Charlotte Timmons. 

Stacie Mayer
Written byStacie Mayer

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