Make a Statement with These Delicate and Delightful Date Tattoos

Make a Statement with These Delicate and Delightful Date Tattoos

Date and time tattoos can act as important life markers for those who wear them.

This weekend I got my first tattoo that marked a point in time (picture below, in all its glory). It says '03.12.11' and I got it to celebrate my five year anniversary with my boyfriend (I know, cheesy, right?!) So why did I get this particular tattoo, and why do others chose to remember certain moments in their lives in this way?

My own date tattoo, for the man in my life, kind of does what it says on the tin. It allows me to remember the day we met when, I believe, my life changed forever. Sometimes, relationships have huge positive influences on our lives, and that makes us want to commemorate that personal change. In a total Sliding Doors way, if this good-looking (slightly drunken man) didn't chat me up outside a bar on a wet English December evening... my life would have been completely different. Side note, if you've never seen the film Sliding Doors, you're missing out on life. 

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For me, the 3rd of December 2011 fucking rocked, and I never want to forget it, whilst also showing this human being how much he means to me (cheese again, yes, sorry).

From simple linework tattoos to larger stylised pieces, from roman numeral months and days, to digial clock hours... all of these tattoos are completely different and unique, proving that everyone can find their own personal way to savour their moment. Do you have a date tattoo that marks a particular memory in your life? Tell us about it!

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