Making The City Safe Again With These Casey Jones Tattoos

Making The City Safe Again With These Casey Jones Tattoos

Taking a look at the most badass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s supporting character

It’s hard to believe there was once a time when a children’s cartoon could feature a character whose sole raison d'être was beating people’s asses with hockey sticks and baseball bats. But in 1987 a generation of children fell in love with Casey Jones, a supporting character on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His popularity has not waned over the years, as you can see from these fierce Casey Jones tattoos we’ve gathered up for you today.

Casey Jones is a vigilante's vigilante. From behind his hockey mask he wages a one man war on crime in the city. Be they mugger or litterer, no criminal is safe from Casey’s wrath, which is meted out via all sorts of fun sporting equipment.

The masked vigilante is super rough around the edges for a show aimed at children, but his comic book counterpart was much darker. He once killed a teen who was trying to mug him, which sent him into a dark drunken spiral. He eventually recovers and marries April O’Neil, dashing the fantasies of about a million 8-year old boys in the process.

And then there was the live action 1990 Turtles film in which Elias Koteas portrays Jones in a manner highly similar to Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, but with more quips. Again, definitely not the sort of thing you’d really expect or want in a film marketed primarily towards children, but it worked.

Our personal favorite incarnation of Jones would have to be from the original series, due to the impressive mix of lightheartedness with Casey’s uber serious nature. Case in point – in one episode Casey Jones goes undercover in a business suit, but leaves his mask on.

We here at Tattoodo tip our hockey masks to Casey Jones in recognition of his dark and violent nature. Some other fans take it way further with some totally fucking sick Casey Jones tattoos. So check those out.

Don’t these Casey Jones tattoos just make you want to grab some sporting equipment and beat the everliving fuck out of some muggers or something? Crime is a disease. You could be the cure.

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