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Manchester City's Leroy Sané Gets Bizarre Tattoo Selfie

Manchester City's Leroy Sané Gets Bizarre Tattoo Selfie

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Portrait tattoos are cool. Tattoos of memorable sports moments are cool. Getting a tattoo of yourself scoring a goal in a loss? Not cool.

Manchester City didn't have a whole lot to play for in their last Premier League game of the season, they had already guaranteed their passage to next year's Champions League and were playing lowly Watford, who they thrashed 5-0. Yet somehow all eyes ended up on this meaningless match to check out Leroy Sané's awe-inspiring tattoo.

Leroy Sane's weird tattoo selfie. (Via IG - beardamendi) #manchestercity #leroysane #sports

Dude got himself scoring a goal on his back. Seriously. We could go on and on about what an insanely ego driven move this was, considering the only way to get an acceptable tattoo of yourself would be to do it in such a way that it makes everyone crack up, like Steve-O. That's not the route that Sané went with. He got a very serious, black and grey portrait of himself celebrating a goal. Which, again, could be fine if it was the goal that carried Germany to the World Cup, or won City the EPL, or even the Europa League title. But, no. Sané has never scored goals like that, so what could the picture be from?

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