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#ManCrushMonday: The Drool-Worthy Daniel Bamdad

#ManCrushMonday: The Drool-Worthy Daniel Bamdad

Fashion1 min Read

Damn, Daniel.

Smoldering doesn't even really begin to describe model Daniel "Inked" Bamdad. Bamdad's ongoing and growing bodysuit is a sight to behold, especially on his *ahem* incredibly toned muscles, and his My-Middle-Name-Is-Inked attitude is breaking norms in modeling. The notion that a tattoo (or a LOT of tattoos) would be a hinderance to a modeling career? Out the window.

Seriously. I mean, s e r i o u s l y.

Daniel "Inked" Bamdad. (via IG—danielbamdad) #MCM #ManCrushMonday #Model #Hottie #Inked

There's something about filled skin that's just so sexy. His tattoos become a part of each photo shoot, mostly because they take up so much real estate. The neck and hand work peeking out from underneath a designer suit or a sweet, mussed up tank top? Can I get a drink of water over here, please? 

The other joy of perusing Bamdad's instragram is that you get a nice glimpse into the sexpot's time away from shoots. HE'S REALLY PRETTY. It's nice to see him doing things like BBQing or sitting for his tattooist.

A face tattoo would normally be the end to a pretty boy's career, right? WRONG. "This is ART" tattooed lovingly above our suave sweetie's eyebrow doesn't detract so much as add to an already delicious canvas.

Bamdad is a rising star worth eyeballing. But you don't have to take my word for it. 

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