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Mandalas and Mehndi Style Tattoos by James Armstrong

Mandalas and Mehndi Style Tattoos by James Armstrong

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James Armstrong has been mastering the art of mandalas and Mehndi style.

The Hindu religion is rich with spiritual imagery and religious symbols. Some of the most common symbols in this religion are the mandala (which represents the universe), and the Mehndi (the art of applying henna) style of tattooing. Many tattoo artists are obsessed with perfecting these spiritual and ornate styles, some succeed while others fail.

The intricate designs Armstrong is able to create are incredible, and it's one of the reasons Holy Mountain Tattoo has pegged him as one of their featured artists at their shop. You can catch him tattooing these sacred designs in Scunthorpe, UK, and if you have an appreciation for the religious imagery he specializes in, hopefully you can get a tattoo from the artist. 

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