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Mans Best Friend: Quintessential Dog Tattoos and Pup Portraits

Mans Best Friend: Quintessential Dog Tattoos and Pup Portraits

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There's a reason why pups are considered the constant companion of mankind and these dog tattoos will have you howling for more!

There's a reason why dogs are mans best friend, and there are tons of stories out there that prove it. There are also tons of awesome dog tattoos that prove it too! We pulled together this collection of doggys to show our love and appreciation for one of our absolute favorite animals. All animals are our favorite, but sometimes you just gotta stare at pictures of pups to put a smile on your face, ya know? Whether you own the best hound ever, or you're just an overall fan, or maybe you're contemplating getting one very very soon, this collection of dog tattoos is sure to gives you the happy feels all over.

The day Netflix added Balto to it's revolving door of movies may be one of our favorite moments of all time. Balto is one of those really incredible dog stories that is actually based on real life events. In 1925 a Diphtheria outbreak happened in Nome, a tiny town in Alaska, and a bunch of dog sleds were sent to pick up the antiserum to stop the illness. Many dogs helped save the townspeople, but to this day Balto is remembered for his part. None of these dog tattoos features Balto, but theres gotta be someone out there with a sweet Balto tattoo...

Theres about a million more awesome dog stories that would make awesome dog tattoos. Take the famed statue of an Akita pup, Hachiko, that waited at Shibuya Station almost nine years, every day, for his master to return. There is another dog, Capitán, who visits his masters grave every day at 6pm in Argentina. And then there are all the heart warming stories of dogs who save lives, alert their owners of danger, and overall just stun with their devotion and love of their master. These dog tattoos are a way for owners and dog lovers alike to share their devotion too! 

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