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Map to the Stars: Tattoos of Famous People

Map to the Stars: Tattoos of Famous People

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These tattoos of famous people are some of the brightest stars in the sky...and on our skin.

Why do we get tattoos? For the most part, no matter what it is, it's usually to show what our favorite things are...or what our style is, what aesthetic resonates with us. Our tattoos tell a lot about who we are and what we love. No matter is it's abstract watercolor or sacred geometry blackwork, you can immediately tell a few different things about people depending on their ink. For this collection of pieces we brought together some tattoos of famous people because why not? Check out some of this incredible ink and admire the artists for creating them! What do you think each portrait says about the person who wears it?

You may notice that we've included real and imaginary characters in this collection of tattoos of famous people. Because, seriously, Bart Simpson is possibly one of the most famous imaginary people ever. We also just totally loved the Hey Arnold portrait by Rukus Tattoos...that client clearly has a great sense of humor and nostalgia for awesome 90's tattoos! We included Shannon Perry's portrait of Freddy Mercury, cuz it's amazing...and 92 Noise did a perfect rendition of Albert Camus...complete with cigarette and moody expression.

No matter who you love or what you're into..there is certainly a perfect artist or shop to do it. Notice how each style that was used to portray these portraits perfectly fits not only the client, but also the person of choice!! Andrei Vintikov used some super surrealism to depict David Bowie, and it wonderfully captures the singers style and outrageous magical qualities. These tattoos of famous people are some of our favorites, and we hope that they inspire you. We're here to help you book your next tattoo through our insanely huge directory of shops and artists. We can help you spend some of the Christmas cash we hope you picked up!

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