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Mario Hartmann's Shockingly Lifelike Portraiture

Mario Hartmann's Shockingly Lifelike Portraiture

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Jaw-dropping realism charged with electrifying color.

Skilled tattooists all around the world are continuing to push the envelope of color realism on a daily basis, bringing their own stylistic nuances to the genre in unexpected and intriguing ways. Few are doing this as well as Mario Hartmann. Hartmann takes this nearly photographic style and injects it with a tremendous amount of energy, quite literally by surrounding his lifelike figures in bolts of blue, pink, and red lightning bolts. The result is absolutely electrifying.

In each of his pieces, Hartmann's skill at portraiture is at the heart of what makes his work so superb. If one looks at his entire portfolio, his work in black and grey demonstrates incredible talent for rendering picture-perfect depictions of various figures without such a striking presence of chroma. However, his color portraiture is what truly stands out from the crowd. His more colorful work is hands down some of the most high-voltage in the world of tattoos. For instance, his sleeve full of Christian imagery brings out the wrath of God through his incorporation of vibrant lightning bolts, and his realistic rendition of Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent brings out the arcane power of her sorcery in a similar fashion. 

Some of his best portraits are from fan-favorite films and television shows. For example, here there are homages to movies such as the recent Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Also, he's even rendered characters from cult kung fu flicks as seen in his depiction of Lieh Lu from Clan of the White Lotus. While his tribute tattoos in honor of movies are awesome, his work that draws influence from the television perhaps best reflects the immense fandom behind the serialized form of entertainment. He's done a number of The Walking Dead pieces, as seen in his portrait of Rick all smattered in blood. The back-piece of a zombie illustrates the unbelievable level of commitment that true devotees have for the show. 

A homage to the recent Alice in Wonderland film via Mario Hartman (IG—mario_hartmann_tattooist). #AliceinWonderland #color #MarioHartmann #portraiture #realism

If you'd like to peruse some more of Hartmann's intense portraits, pay a visit to his Instagram.Should you want an homage to your favorite character(s), think about having him execute it. He tattoos in Berlin, Germany and can be reached that for booking.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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